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We have realized, through our experience in event volunteering and event organizing, that very late and improvised volunteer recruitment and organizing before an event may lead to either not having the right volunteers in number or quality in order to cover the event needs, or not having the people with the right motivation, which eventually results to core mistakes during the event.

The quality of our work shows through, because it is designed with passion.

We’re always on the look out for new events, so if you are planning one, don’t delay!


How can we help your event?

Better event quality

Functionality, effective communication, positive energy, unique experience for the event participants, success.

Less workload & stress

We take full responsibility for the volunteers’ selection, training and performance.

Dedicated promotional effort

Both through our social media and media partners and through our work.

Unique Experience to volunteers

Efficient allocation, skills development, teamwork, enjoyment, networking, knowledge acquisition.


We provide services focused on the event’s special needs and requirements.

Risk reduction

We reduce the risk of volunteers not showing up or being inadequate in number to the minimum.

What clients say about us

We keep things straight. After every partnership we ask for your feedback, we evaluate it and we make it public.

Jill Douka - Better Life Day


Better Life Day@Athens 2013 was supported by the fun, knowledgeable and grand spectator services powered by GloVo. We love GloVo and looking forward to experiencing more events in the future with them! Linkedin

Costas Nostis - Smart Press

Costas Nostis

GloVo’s volunteers were the ideal match for the needs of the 14th Conference of InfoCom World. Their attention, kindness and professionalism left everybody the best impression. It was the first of partnership of a series that will definitely follow. Linkedin

Theo Anagnostopoulos - TEDMED

Theo Anagnostopoulos

TEDMED live Athens 2013 was full of happy, helpful young people in … crazy lab-coats who wanted to help. Thank you Glovo! Linkedin

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